Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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CDI aims to build strong and sustainable urban and rural communities in both the worst off developing countries throughout the world and in local communities in the developed world. Through innovative projects and programs, following the Millenium Development Goals and through CDI's six core inter-related focal areas; Education, Health, Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure and Job Creation, the process CDI follows is to identify communities that can benefit from our assistance, begin by working with local community leaders and inhabitants to establish interest in receiving assistance from CDI, researching the needs and demographic information of the area, devising a detailed and targeted step by step plan to implement sustainable projects and programs within the six core focal areas, execute the projects and programs, empower local inhabitants, monitor the effects and management for a provisional period to ensure success and ultimately leave the community in the hands of its inhabitants with a new sense of pride, ownership and empowerment. The individual program process varies widely as per location and is dependent on the location's particular needs, existing infrastructure and the individual geographical, medical, social and political conditions from area to area.

Vision: - A world in which the dignity of human life and the sanctity of environmental health, and the interconnectedness of these, is upheld through the development of self-sustainable communities that provide opportunity, empowerment and economic activity while creating a mindset of environmental stewardship and social equity.
- Communities that provide for adequate and sustainable allocation of resources and public services to the world’s most disadvantaged populations. 

Mission: - CDI's Mission aims to serve as a catalyst and to combine cause-specific forces into results-oriented coalitions that will stimulate societal and economic activities in developing urban and rural locations. Ultimately, CDI hopes to help those in need overcome the financial and environmental constraints of today’s inequitable global system and work towards the betterment of living conditions, human and environmental health, social cohesion, peace and justice in the world.

Summer - Winter 2010/2011:
CDI's pilot program will be in Seguin, Haiti and will be working to help build this region to increase the capacity and ultimately create a sustainable, environmentally friendly community with available jobs, education, commerce and health care to help decentralize the high percentages of Haiti's population from the congested cities to rural areas like Seguin.

Extensive demographic and physical research will be completed by the end of Summer 2010 at which point we will begin our first projects in the area. 

Matthias Resch
Kevin Jamison
Veronica Sarrabayruse

Program Specialist:
Constantino Jose Rago

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